Inc. Magazine Reveals America's 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies, Ranks No. 163 on the 2005 Inc. 500 With Three-Year Sales Growth of 658% -- Second consecutive Inc. 500 listing is a major milestone for

NEW YORK, NY, October 19, 2005 - Inc. magazine today released its 24th annual Inc. 500 ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the country. The Design, Print, and Mailing company, , ranks No. 163 on the list, with three-year sales growth of 658%. The Inc. 500 can be found in the November issue, which appears on newsstands November 1.

About has developed and marketed a unique "single-source" opportunity for graphic design, printing, mailing services, distribution, and fulfillment. calls itself an integrated business communication resource for business, industry, government, and commercial accounts.

Technology has influenced industry change in the preparation, production, and delivery requirements of graphic communication.,has formulated a just-in-time delivery system and print-on-demand technologyto meet the increased demands of shorter lead times, alternate print mediums, and reduced print run lengths.

Novel, faster, and higher quality production methods and simplified workflow systems have enabled to handle increasing volumes and varied client requirements.

"We are pleased that our clients have recognized and adapted to the new technologies,"says Ray Caravan, Chairman and founder of the company." Our organization has been providing traditional printedproducts fordecades. When we first introduced the alternative digital methods adozen years ago we haddifficulty gaining acceptance."

By repositioning and highlighting the features and benefits of the new systems, has been able to systematically integrate favorable outcomes for existing clientsand new customers. "Our pioneer efforts and proficiency in the digital print, variable data methods, and mailing services solutions have really separated our organization from other mainstream traditional offset printers," adds Robert Orr, President, "we are totally unique in our value-added approach and our development of exceptional business partnerships."

The growth in sales and the rate at which theprinters.comhasaddedclients is clear testimony to their success. Caravan notes that "During aperiod of history where business pressure and arbitrary cost-cutting isat its greatest, we have been able to introduce our alternatives to a growing number of print buyers who now see the benefit of a single-source vendor with a full-service profile.We continue to innovate and integrate emerging technologies to every business and industry category. The buying process is no longer about who is the lowest of three bids, but rather which print vendor can bring more to the table to help a company ororganization achieve their goals in a more cost efficient manner. We bring an enormous number of alternatives and opportunity to the table!"

The companies that made this list represent the vanguard of Americanindustry, posting an average three-year sales growth of 769%. Inc. 500 companies posted aggregate 2004 revenue of $15.9 billion, and 84% of them were profitable. Most importantly, Inc. 500 companies were engines of job growth, having created more than 95,000 jobs since the companies were founded.

The Inc. 500 list generated 25,180 new jobs in the past year alone, a stunning 35% year-over-year increase.Compare this with the total number of employees among Fortune 500 companies, which declined in 2001, 2002,and 2003 before experiencing a1.3% uptick of 306,045 jobs in 2004.

"When you look at the amazing job growth among Inc. 500 companies and contrastit with the stagnation in the Fortune 500, it underscores the changing nature of our economy," said Jim Melloan, project managerforthe Inc.500. "With unprecedented global competition, companies have to be able toturn on a dime and discover innovative new ways of doing business.Increasingly, it's the smaller, agile companies likethose onthe Inc. 500 that are best equipped to meet these challenges."

The Inc. 500 ranks privately held companies according to year-over-year sales growth from 2001 to 2004.With approximately 75% of all new job creation in theU.S. coming from entrepreneurial businesses, the Inc. 500 opens awindow onto the companies and industries that are driving the economy forward. Over the years, the Inc. 500 has identified the next generation of world-class companies, with Microsoft, Stonyfield Farms, Timberland, Oracle, The Princeton Review, Morningstar, Jamba Juice,Gateway, E*Trade, Intuit, and Domino's Pizza all appearing on the list before they became industry power houses.