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Whether you arrived at your decision to become more environmentally-friendly as a cost savings measure, a new direction for marketing your business, or simply to do something to make the planet a better place to live; here are a few tips on how to get started...

One of the fastest and easiest ways to 'go green' is to switch to an environment-friendly printer, like KB OFFSET. Immediately your company will reduce its carbon footprint with very little effort or expense. At the same time, your high-visibility materials -- used by your employees and customers -- will be produced in an environmentally-conscious manner.

Getting started with your printed materials is as easy as requesting FSC® certified, recycled paper. And, these days, recycled paper doesn't mean you have to see the fibers in the sheet. Modern non-toxic bleaching methods allow for bright white and solid color stock in all weights and sizes.

But paper is only the first step... There are vegetable oil based inks with less than 5 percent volatile organic hydrocarbons (VOCs), and safer solvents that replace poisonous chemicals. Green printers such as KB OFFSET purchase many materials that are already prepared using renewable energy. They also utilize everything from natural light in office and production areas to low-watt bulbs for less energy consumption -- keeping their (and your) carbon footprint to a minimum.

Recently KB moved to a new facility and reduced HVAC energy usage. They also installed two new Heidelberg 'Speedmaster' printing presses that reduce environmental pollution due to a reduction in waste paper, energy consumption and VOC emissions.


KB OFFSET offers PRINT-ON-DEMAND services, along with mailing and ORDER FULFILLMENT that can greatly reduce your company's need for excessive inventory and warehouse space (along with related heating and air conditioning energy usage and expenses). Additionally, KB can virtually eliminate the need for wasted printing over-runs of time-sensitive and/or frequently updated catalogs, manuals and other printed materials.

KB OFFSET is also part of a group of companies that provide everything from DESIGN, PRINTING and MAILING. As a one-stop vendor, KB can save your company time and turnaround on most print-related projects. Not only can KB design or update your materials, but they can manage the work flow through print production and fulfillment, and drop-ship orders to locations anywhere around the world.

If you would like to take the first step toward becoming more environmentally-friendly, contact your KB OFFSET representative today. KB is now an FSC® certified printer. We will help you find a level that fits your needs and budget. Whether you're new to environmental-consciousness, or a confirmed tree-hugger, KB OFFSET can assist your firm in going green.

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