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Print On-Demand and Fulfillment Services

--KB OFFSET utilizes a data warehouse and forms management system with a 'just-in-time inventory' methodology to facilitate our print fulfillment services. By digitally storing text and images, we allow print buyers to reduce inventories and eliminate waste due to obsolescence.
-- Now your printing cost can be reduced while your materials are always up-to-date and delivered on schedule.
-- The print on-demand and order fulfillment process is ideal for technical manuals, sales and product sheets, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, booklets and any printed items that need to be updated frequently and/or take up valuable warehouse storage space.
-- You only have to order what you need -- when you need it. Changes are fast, easy and inexpensive. Your print job can be drop-shipped directly from KB's document fulfillment center to locations anywhere.

Benefits to clients:
  • Reduction in Inventory and Improved Cash Flow
  • Integration of Technology into Workflow
  • Lower Costs with Print-on-Demand Technology
  • Reduced Distribution Costs
  • Reduction in Obsolescence
  • Reduction in Warehouse Space and related climate control and maintenance costs
  • Increased Marketing and Sales Response Time
  • Graphic Standards and Print Quality Consistency

Case Studies...

ON DEMAND -- A multi-million dollar manufacturing division of a Fortune 500 Corporation found themselves with a massive inventory of forms, manuals, documentation, and marketing materials. We introduced the 'print on-demand' concept and they were able to eliminate their internal warehouse space and convert it into other productive uses.
-- As importantly, within two years we helped them reduce their printing purchases 25% and reduce those costs $250,000. In the next five years, with our joint efforts and our 'just-in-time' print scheduling, we reduced their print purchases to $350,000. annually (a 65% cost reduction) while their business has continued to grow and expand.

FORMS MANAGEMENT -- A publicly-traded medical services company with 80 healthcare clinics in 25 states required a solution and alternative for the traditional method of forms, manuals, and marketing material being procured in each local market, independent of a central control system. Their costs were out of control and there was no consistency in the appearance or quality of printed products from location to location.
-- Our forms management system was instrumental in consolidating hundreds of similar-purpose forms into less than one-hundred standardized forms. After ten months of research, revision, and planning an order entry and print-on-demand system was put into place. The printing expenditures were reduced from over $500,000 to about $300,000 in the first year that the plan was implemented. Similar percentage expenditure advantage gains were achieved with marketing and collateral material.

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