How long does the printing process take?

There are several factors that affect the length of time it takes for a print job to work its way through our plant:

1) Pre-Press -- The amount of 'make-ready' necessary to prepare your job for printing. If we are typesetting, doing design and layout, this will require scheduling and production time. If you are providing digital files, this will shorten the pre-press time; but all jobs still require preparation, trouble-shooting (pre-flighting) and scheduling.
2) Proofing -- The fewer proofs needed and the faster the client returns the proof(s) speeds up the overall process time.
3) Print Production -- Obviously, single-sided sheet, one color printing will take considerable less time than full color, double-sided, multiple-page booklets.
4) Bindery -- Jobs that require trimming, stitching, gluing, perforating, hole-punching, etc. will take additional time.
5) Delivery/shipping -- Most jobs can be shipped within 24 hours of completion and/or drying.

If you are a Print on Demand client and/or we are providing fulfillment services, jobs may clear the shop within 24 hours. Generally, most (non-rush) print jobs are turned around with 10 days -- with less time for small jobs, and perhaps a little longer for more complicated jobs as outlined above.

Other variables include quantities, odd sizes, special processes,custom requests, etc.

Your customer service representative will be able to discuss turnaround times and options to meet your company's needs.