What is the difference between Digital Printing and Traditional Printing?
Digital Printing refers to the manner in which images (data files of text and/or artwork) are transferred from a computer to an offset printing press. This allows for dramatically improved quality by eliminating many of the degrading steps used in 'traditional' print shops. Quite simply, digital is more 'direct' -- producing higher quality outcomes when merged with traditional methods of production.

KB employs a 'Digital Workflow;' whereby graphics files can be transferred (direct) to the machines in our printing department. The final printed product is a true original, not a copy. Every printed page is an exact replica of the original.

Offset Printing remains the industry's most common means of producing printed material -- with over two-thirds of all printing performed utilizing this photo-image reproduction technique. From magazines and books to maps and business forms -- offset is the most efficient means when large formats are required or where the quantity requirements are very high.